At home strength workouts for runners who want to get strong, shed fat and boost fitness!
Grab my 3 favourite high intensity workouts you can do anywhere, in under 30 minutes, without fancy equipment, to get results fast
Thinking of trying running to shed some of that frustrating baby weight?
...even if you had your baby 5 years ago?
Ready to shed pounds, boost metabolism and power up your fitness but are finding yourself time crunched and unsure which short workouts will give you that boost you are craving?
These 3 ultra-effective 30 minutes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are designed specifically for you if you want to start running or already run and want to shed some extra weight.

Do these body weight workouts to:
Tone And Define Your Arms, Legs And Abs!
Explode Your Fitness Level!
Do Cardio And Strength Work At the same time!
save you time yet still get you results!
Run your way to a flatter stomach, toned booty, lean body and become a true badass runner!
Meet Your Run Coach!
Hey! I’m Carey Adam, physiotherapist and run coach with over 10 years experience training women runners to run strong and get lean after having babies when time and energy feel like they are holding you down. I am also a marathoner and a super busy mom of 2 who didn’t have time to be working out for hours every day or wasting any of my time running long and slow.

Whether you had your baby 6 months ago or 6 years ago, this system will train you to get up and running strong and these are the exact workouts you need to get lean and fit in less than 30 minutes per day. 
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