Are You A Mother Runner???
Do you want to get up and running STRONG again after babies??

Are you struggling with LOW BACK PAIN, A LEAKY PELVIC FLOOR or other odd issues after babies that are holding you back from running at your best??

Or are you running and running, not losing weight, MAYBE EVEN GAINING WEIGHT, exhausted and still frustrated with your body, your sugar cravings and your lack of fitness?

Do you want to be a FIT, LEAN AND STRONG runner???

This One's for YOU...
All you frustrated, overworked, and worn-out mamas... this is for you. 
This 4-Week Run Coaching Program is physiotherapist approved for women who want to stop running and running and running and start Getting Lean, Fit, and Strong Fast - after baby!!!

It's for the mama who is fed up with the fitness "experts" telling her to "get out and run" without accounting for a schedule that rivals the busiest CEOs on the planet and without regard to how the body changes requiring a different kind of training after baby...

If that's you, listen up because I've got big news:

You can run lean and strong and feel like a million-dollar mama WITHOUT adding more mileage or more hours to your jam-packed day... And I'm going to show you step by step EXACTLY how to do it!

Discover How to Run Better, Faster, Stronger Just like These Moms Did!
"Before I Found RunningMoms, I Was Just Logging Tons and Tons of Miles..."
- Filomena
"This Year I've Been Able to PR in My 5k and My 10k Time..."
- Jess
But first...
The BIG Problem with Most Other Running Programs
For time-starved mamas, there is no better way to transform your body, improve your health, and boost your confidence than by running
There is no expensive gym membership required. You can do it anywhere and get some "me" time. 

You can even take your little one along with you in the stroller!

There's just one problem:

Despite what all the free downloads, guides, and blog articles are telling you, it's not as simple as "get out and run," is it? 
Even though you love the idea of running, you have no clue how to actually get started. You'd like to do a 5k, but the thought of getting to that point is overwhelming... and terrifying! 
You have so many questions like...
When's the best time to run? 
How often should you run? 
How do I get stronger?
How do I get faster?
What do I eat for hormonal balance and fat-burning results? 
You see, what most other running plans don't consider is what it's actually like to be a time crunched mother runner with many important roles to fill and very little time.

Everywhere you look, all the run "experts" are shouting at you to "just run MORE!"... "Log more miles!"... "Get out and do it!"

Here is the thing...


You deserve a BETTER training approach, a HOLISTIC training approach and the most EFFECTIVE workouts to build strength, boost speed and eat right after babies to balance your hormones and get you STRONG again beyond baby. I know you want to build lean muscle, run strong and shed fat...without hours in the gym or giving up entire food groups!

Here's the problem with old school run training plans...
When you're a mom, you're already going a million miles a minute trying to keep up with the kids, keep the house from looking like it was just hit by a tornado, make sure everyone's fed, and maybe even holding down a "real" job at the same time. 
It's exhausting! Sometimes it's hard just to make it out of bed in the mornings. I know because I've been there.
When you're already busy taking care of everyone else's needs, where the heck do you expect to find the time, much less the motivation to just "run more?"

It's not only impractical, but it puts unnecessary stress on your body and your central nervous system. Frankly, the "run longer and harder" approach can result in serious injury and long-term damage.

So... if more mileage isn't the answer, then what is?
Stop Limping Your Way through 5ks! It's Time to Learn How to Run Smarter, Not Harder
Did you know 85% of runners injure themselves because they simply don't know how to strengthen their bodies and train properly for the demands running…nevermind the changes that need to be addressed after you grow and labour babies!!!
I've seen so many runners out there busting their hump, running miles and miles and miles... only to hurt themselves and still not shed fat or feel comfortable in their own skin.

Listen, running LONGER won't get you the results you want.

It won't make you set any new PRs. It won't burn the belly fat you swore to get rid of by this summer.

If you really want to step up your game and get lean, fast, and strong after baby, the KEY is to run SMARTER!

"I've Trained Hundreds of Women to Tune into Their Bodies and Run Stronger (and Smarter) Than Ever before... Now It's YOUR Turn!"
Hi there! In case we haven't already met, my name is Carey Adam. I'm a licensed physiotherapist, run coach, marathoner, and, most importantly, a busy mom of 2. 
I founded RunningMoms to inspire and empower women to become the healthiest, fittest, and happiest version of themselves by getting fit and lean by learning to run stronger and smarter - NOT harder.

Believe me, I know what it's like to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and unmotivated. Running is different after kids. It's like your body feels heavier and foreign to you. 

That's why I designed a state-of-the-art running system specifically for busy moms like you and me. You'll discover a revolutionary way of running more efficiently and more effectively so that you can get results in as little time as possible! 

Ready to find out how you can get leaner, faster, and stronger while working out less than 30 minutes a day... whether you had your baby 6 months ago or 6 years ago? 

The RunningMoms
Get Fit, Lean and Learn to Run Strong
28 Day Program
The RunningMoms Get Fit, Lean and Learn to Run Strong Challenge is a 4-week running coaching program specifically designed for women after babies who want effective run workouts that will burn fat and boost performance but don't have much time...or feel overwhelmed at the thought of where to even begin!

I'll show you step by step how to ROCK your fitness, ROCK your body, and ROCK your running in just 28 days... using a REAL approach that gets results fast!
Here Are Just a Few Reasons Why You'll Love The RunningMoms Get Fit, Lean and Learn to Run 28 Day  Program:
Quick and Easy Workouts
It's easy to fit this program designed for busy moms into your schedule. You'll love seeing results in the mirror with less than 30 minutes of exercise a day - whether you had your baby 6 months ago or 6 years ago!
Build Strength Fast
Learn the most up-to-date and effective exercises for postpartum women that will get you fit and strong inside and out! 
Torch Stubborn Fat 24/7
Running long distances over long periods of time can actually cause your body to hold onto fat. Turn your body into a fat-burning machine and watch as your clothes start to fit better with short, intense running sessions I've planned out for you.
Break Speed Barriers
Tired of running long and slow? Learn the secrets to maximizing your strength, boosting endurance, and setting new PRs on demand - whether you're training for your first 5k or your first marathon!
Strong Mind, Strong Body
You'll not only get fitter and stronger physically, but this program will also retrain your brain to give you the mental strength and confidence you need to handle every aspect of your life with ease!
What's My "Run Smarter" Secret? 
In general, runners can be very unhealthy all because they believe the lie that "more running gets more results."
Fact is, it's that mindset that results in runners overtraining, burning out, holding onto fat, getting hurt, and giving up.

RunningMoms ROCK takes a totally fresh approach to running, with a plan specifically designed for busy moms. 

So, my run smart "secret" is actually 3 secrets in one:
My unique program is incredibly efficient, giving you back your time. 
Forget spending hours and hours a week doing boring cardio sessions at the gym. Less than 30 minutes a day at home can get you the results you crave.
This 4-week program will get you STRONG in yoru body after baby even exploding your fitness levels to a new high, rapidly boosting strength, endurance, and stamina.
Less than 30 minutes a day at home can get you the results you crave.
Because of my "less is more" approach to running, you're far less likely to pick up injuries. 
Plus, because the workouts aren't too long, you're not placing the same amounts of repetitive stress on the body or nervous system. 
These 3 key components mean you can focus on getting strong, slimming down, and building running endurance more easily than ever.

And (unlike most programs you'll find out there), I also cover the basics of nutrition, recovery, and the crucial MINDSET for success.  

This holistic approach to running for moms means you get better results faster than you ever dreamed possible! 
Here's Exactly What You're Getting:
Week 1: ROCK Your Training Program 
End the guesswork, and let me show you exactly how to get started right. 

You will get my detailed Ultimate HIIT Training System with the exact workouts designed specifically to build a solid strength foundation, boost your metabolism, and transform your physique so you can get up and running, stick with it, and avoid all the common beginner mistakes. 
Week 2: ROCK your Nutrition 
You cannot outrun a bad diet. I'll show you how to stop self-sabotaging with terrible eating habits and how to fuel your body for Max Fatloss and Power! 

The best part is, there's no restrictive dieting or counting calories. Just refueling for results! 
Week 3: ROCK Your Recovery 
About 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping. Not because you're lazy... but because that's the way your body is designed! Proper rest is absolutely critical to your overall health, hormonal balance and recovery. 

By treating your sleep with the importance it deserve, you'll wake up feeling more refreshed, craving less sugar and ready to rock your workouts. Plus, I'll show you what's really stressing you out and how to fix it now. 
Week 4: ROCK Your Mindset 
Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have. It can hold you back from the body and life you want... or it can open the doors to massive success in all aspects of your life. 

In week 4, I'll show you how to make your health and fitness a top priority, overcome all the limiting barriers and mental garbage that's holding you back, and become a strong, healthy runner inside and out so you can not only dominate your body, but you can dominate your entire life!
PLUS - Order Now to Receive These 3 Amazing Bonuses!
Bonus #1: 28-Day Running on real Food Meal Plan & Recipe Guide
One of the biggest questions I get from moms is what to eat for maximum power and maximum results. You want to slim down and feel great, but figuring out what to cook and when to find time to do it can be tough. 

That's why I'm including this Running on Real Food meal plan and recipe guide as a special gift... absolutely free! Get delicious meals you can make ahead of time that the whole family can enjoy!
Bonus #2: Power Smoothie Recovery Guide
You'll love rewarding yourself with these delicious smoothie tips and recipes that help you refuel and recover without feeling like you're being deprived.
Bonus #3: Good Running Form Video Series
Unlike free downloads that just tell you to run, this video series SHOWS you how to do it the RIGHT way. 

Even if you've never run before in your life, this video series will show you everything you need to maintain proper technique and avoid painful injuries.
Get Fit, Lean and Learn to Run for the First Time, Again or FASTER!!!
Get Running Fit, Fast and Strong, Set New PRs, and Start Loving Your Body with The RunningMoms signature 28 Day Challenge Today... 
Normally $147 
Yours Today Just $29!
  • RunningMoms 4-Week Training  Program Complete with Strength, Speed and CoreFit Workouts.  Level 1 and Level 2 Plans Available to Choose From. ($97)
  •  28-Day Gluten & Dairy Free Meal Plan & Recipe Guide ($67 Value) 
  •  Power Smoothie Recovery Guide ($27 Value) 
  •  Good Running Form Video Series ($97 Value) 
Total Value: $257

The level 1 program is for you if...

  •     You are a beginner runner
  •     You are coming off of injury and want to get back up and running strong this time
  •    You are ready to get back to running after baby
  •    You have tried to run before but keep getting injured
  •    You want to be a runner and want to start strong
  •    You want the best, more effective workouts to set you up to burn fat and get strong before running long (pssst...this is the RIGHT WAY to learn to run!!!

The level 2 program is for you if...

  •     You are currently running 3 - 4 days per week
  •     You want to get faster, stronger and leaner
  •     You want to set PR's
  •      You want to build lean muscle as a runner
  •      You have been running and running never  doing strength or speed work
  •      You have been running and running and not losing weight...maybe even gaining weight and you are frustrated!
  •    You are frustrated with a pace plateau and this running thing never seems to get any easier!!!
This Is a Special Limited-Time Offer

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Join The 28 Day Get Fit, Lean and Learn to Run STRONG Program NOW...
before the Price Goes Up!
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